Open student representative positions

Student representatives are an important part of METKA’s work for students’ benefit. They represent students’ viewpoints in the Metropolia’s decision-making. Please apply without hesitation.

METKA wishes that students from different fields of education in Metropolia apply for the open positions.

Membership of the student union is not required to be a student representative. Student representatives will receive training for their position.

Many of the positions require fluent Finnish knowledge. This page contains information on only those positions that do not require Finnish knowledge and can be attended in English.

Information about every open position is available on the Finnish side of this web page. All English-speaking students are free to apply also for these positions. In that case, the application process and information about it is in Finnish.

Open student representative positions

Advisory councils

Application time:23.10.2020 – 11.12.2020 or as the positions are filled

Student studying in the respective study programmes are electable to the positions. More information about the application process is available in the Official election announcement (in Finnish). Please note that some of the positions mentioned in the announcement have been filled since the application time started. Current list of positions is available below and on the page in Finnish.

Positions can be applied for with an application form: Application form for advisory councils

Metropolia’s Board of Examiners and to the Legal Protection Committee

Application period: 23.10.2020 – 10.11.2020. The election will be made at the meeting of the Representative Council on 11.11.2020. All applicants will have the opportunity to present themselves at the meeting where the selection will be made.

Positions can be applied for with an application form:

If you need more information in English, contact Janne Levänen (

Student representative positions to be applied for:

Board of Examiners:

One full member seat
One alternate seat

The Board of Examiners deals with the assessment of academic performance
claims for redress and disciplinary matters. The boards deal with
situations related to students ’rights and are always associated with confidentiality
classified information.

Legal Protection Committee:

One full member seat
Two alternate seats

The Legal Protection Committee deals with issues concerning the right of students to study, such as
requests for rectification of student selections and withdrawals of the right to study; and


More information on the student representative election and positions:

Janne LevänenJanne Levänen
Member of the Board
Student advocacy
Sakari Tuomisto
Specialist, Advocacy
Student Counsel
045 267 0828

This post is also available in Suomi.