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Connect your METKA Membership to, and you’ll get member prices! is a store for students, selling a lot of event tickets and student culture merch. Many Finnish student organizations, including METKA, use as an online store. We sell all our event tickets on

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Activate your METKA membership on

METKA Members can connect their membership to either an existing account or a new one.

When you have connected your membership, you can buy our event tickets and merch with member prices.

Activate your membership on!

Follow these steps to activate your membership in

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose “Wallet” on the menu
  3. Choose “Memberships”
  4. Click “Activate membership”
  5. Choose “Student Union METKA” from the menu
  6. Fill the forms, and you are done!

Please follow the instructions about the format in which to fill your data. There are examples on the form.

Did you get an error message? If you have just gotten your METKA Membership, it may be that we haven’t yet delivered the good news to We’ll tell them about new memberships several times a week, so try again later.

If you cannot get it to work within one week, please contact us at

This post is also available in Suomi.