Clubs are from the students, to the students! Clubs create communities and activities to Metropolia students.

Clubs are arranged by students. METKA encourages you to start and join club activities! Clubs operate independently, but you can apply for a grant from the Student Union METKA.

Current clubs

There club activities can be anything students are interested in! There has beenn, for example, a running club, a wine club a culture club and board gaming club.

The current clubs are:

4Towers – Applied eSports

4Towers is a e-sport club for Metropolia UAS students.

4towers banneri/Banner of 4towers e-sports club




Metroseksuaalit is a sex positive club for Metropolia UAS students.

Metroseksuaalit-kerhon väkeä / People from Metroseksuaalit club event


Do you want to start your own club?

If you did not find a club for you, you can always start your own!

For starting a club you need:

  • At least three students of Metropolia UAS, one of which acts as a responsible person for the club.
  • You must held a meeting for the creation of a club. The meeting must be notified to the Student Union.

The Student Union may grant financial support to clubs whose activities are open to all students of Metropolia UAS. Grants are granted from the budget of the Student Union. Financial support is granted for the actual activities or related purposes of the Club.

METKA can also support the clubs by adversing their activities and booking spaces for the clubs use.

You can read more about creating a club from the club statute (PDF, in Finnish) or just ask us!

Contact us!


Jani Ressi
Member of METKA’s board responsible for the clubs



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