Harassment contact persons

METKA’s harassment contact persons offer help, support and advice for students who have experienced harassment or want to talk about inappropriate treatment targeted towards themself or towards others. You can contact either one of METKA’s harassment contact persons.

How can you contact harassment contact persons? 

METKA’s harassment contact persons?

METKA has two harassment contact persons, board member Tekla Kosonen and Specialist on Tutoring Rami Hollmérus. Their job is to be a support in harassment situations.

Tekla Kosonen is a social services student and has been interested in working for equality for a long time . In addition to being the harassment contact person, Tekla works for students rights in METKA’s advocacy team.


Rami HollmerusRami Hollmérus holds a bachelor’s degree of social services. In his previous job, Rami has worked with families and has encountered people with many kinds of challenging and intense life situations.  Through further training, Rami has gained know-how about reconciliation and case management. In addition to being a harassment contact person, Rami works in METKA’stutoring team, with his main responsibilities being organizing activities and trainings.

What is harassment?

Harassment includes all inappropriate behavior,from name calling and excluding from groups, to discrimination and sexual harassment. Harassment is always a individual experience. Harassment is unwanted behavior: for example touching, commenting, implying, joking or otherwise inappropriate behavior towards the one being harassed.

If you are unsure if there was harassment in the situation you experienced or noticed, please be in touch so we can figure it out together.

Harassment is never the fault of the one who has experienced harassment. Harassment that has been going on for a long while can lead to depression, social isolation and make studying harder. Harassment is one form of discrimination and goes against equality laws. If harassment happens in higher education, the institute of higher education has the responsibility to intervene.

One’s own behavior is often hard to examine from the point of view of someone else, so a person might not realise that they are behaving in a disturbing way. Often just commenting on the inappropriate behavior is a sufficient solution to fixing the situation, but sometimes just speaking isn’t enough.

What does a harassment contact person do?

A harassment contact person is a person trained to their role, who can be contacted by anyone who has experienced or witnessed harassment. The harassment contact person’s job is to help, support and advice. A harassment contact person is not a judge, but can help move forward with the situation. They never act  without the permission of the one the situation is concerning.

A contact person is impartial and considers what happened and how the situation can be handled together with the person who got in touch. The contact person knows where the best help, even for urgent situations, is available, and can when needed guide the student towards help and support.

It is worth to get in touch even if only discussion about the situation is needed. The harassment contact person supports the one who got in touch as long as the situation requires, and if necessary, guides towards Metropolia’s student wellbeing services or other support services.

All discussions with a harassment contact person are always confidential.

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