METKAn hallitus ja edustajiston puheenjohtajisto 2017

The student parliament for 2017 organized at its first meeting on November 24th 2016 and chose the parliament’s chairpersons and also the board for next year.

The meeting chose Outi Häkkinen (business) as the chairperson of the parliament and Valtteri Kukkola (information and communications technology) as a vice-chair. The chairperson of the board next year will be Maria Jokinen (industrial design) and vice-chairperson of the board Valtteri Markula (midwifery).

Additionally, Veli-Matti Wirta (information technology), Josse Puolokainen (business), Nea-Maria Törmänen (film and television), Nelli Pihlasviita (midwifery), and Otto Rosenlund (information and communications technology) were elected to the board for 2017.

Congratulations to everyone elected!