Student Parliament

METKA is organised in a democratic manner. The Student Parliament is the highest decision-making body in METKA. The council consists of 25 students, who are elected every autumn. All members of the Student Union have the right to vote. The council is obligated to represent all Metropolia students.

Everyday tasks of the student union are performed by the board members and the employees, who are part of the permanent staff.

The Election of the Council of Representatives 2021

The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA will have the election of the Council of Representatives from October 28th till November 4th, 2020.

In the election 25 student union members and 25 deputy members will be selected to the Council of Representatives for the year 2021. Elections are held electronically from October 28th at 12 noon till November 4th at 12 noon, 2020.

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Student Parliament 2020


Antti Kokkonen
Student of Mechanical engineering
Electoral Coalition “Metropolian Tekniikka – META

Vice Chairperson

Ida Korpisalo
Student of Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
Electoral Coalition “Metropolian Tekniikka – META”

Members of the Student Parliament and their Electoral Coalitions

Esko-Matti Helin (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Anna Myyryläinen (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Mirka Olkkola (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)

Taneli Julku (Rakennusalojen Leka)
Jani Mastola (Rakennusalojen Leka)

Aija Tolvanen (Metropolian tekniikka – META)
Jenna Nurminen (Metropolian tekniikka – META)
Joni Rämä (Metropolian tekniikka – META)
Aaro Yli-Öyrä (Metropolian tekniikka – META)
Piko Hietala (Metropolian tekniikka – META)
Otto Nummi (Metropolian tekniikka – META)

Eemeli Tanskanen (Metropolian tradenomiopiskelijat – Metro)

Hanna Kivimäki (Punamulta)

Fanny Pohjankoski (SuperSote)
Veera Kaija (SuperSote)
Miina Laine (SuperSote)
Linda Lindgren (SuperSote)
Anu Toljamo (SuperSote)
Katariina Erwe (SuperSote)
Eemil Saarnio (SuperSote)
Jussi Kuuttila (SuperSote)
Lotta Fagerlund (SuperSote)
Melissa Heenbetantirige (SuperSote)

Deputy members

Linnea Lindfors (SuperSote)
Jan-Erik Palola (Metropolian tradenomiopiskelijat – Metro)
Essi Turpeinen (SuperSote)
Noora Kokko (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Pia Blomstén (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Rasmus Kallio (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Tanja Ahlsten (Metropolian kulttuurialojen opiskelijat – Kupla)
Valtteri Markula (Punamulta)

Student Parliament Meetings 2020

Documents of the Student Parliament Meetings

The documents are in Finnish.

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