METKA 2023: Shape your student union!

How did we do in 2022? Give your feedback and enter the prize draw! 2022 is drawing to the end, and it is time to plan the future. What does the new year hold for METKA, and what do you think we should focus on? As students are the main focus group we work for, we... Lue lisää

METKA’s new trustees for 2023 have been elected!

The newly elected Representative Council for 2023 had its organizational meeting yesterday November 22nd. The oraganizational meeting was held on Myllypuro campus. Organizational meeting elected the chairperson and vice chairperson for the Representative Council and... Lue lisää

Become a study tutor!

Are you interested in tutoring activities? Would you like to use your expertise to help other students progress with difficult courses, thesises or exams? Do you prefer to study in a group rather than alone? Join us to become a study tutor! We are looking for study... Lue lisää

Do you want to start your own club?

Hey you! Start a club! Chess club, D&D, esports, knitting… Metropolia has several hobby and leisure clubs that meet regularly, but there is always room for new ones to join! Do you have an idea for a club you would like to run? Or maybe you already have a... Lue lisää

Say hello to METKA’s new interns Mirva and Linda!

Hello! My name is Mirva, and I started at the beginning of November as an intern in the Metropolia on the Move -project. I’m about to graduate with a Master’s in Health Science, majoring in Sports and Exercise Medicine. As a student, I feel that promoting students’... Lue lisää

Election results for the Representative Council 2023

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Student Union METKA’s Representative Council Elections were held on November 2nd-9th, 2022. 35 candidates from five different electoral alliances ran for office in the Representative Council elections. 25 members and a... Lue lisää