Student Representatives

Student representatives are ordinary students who have been chosen by student union METKA to represent students’ viewpoints and needs in the decision-making processes at Metropolia UAS. Student representatives are chosen usually for one-year period in open search that takes place in autumn. The supplementary search is opened whenever there are open positions to be filled.

Check the instructions and open positions here!

Notice!  The working language in most of the representative positions is Finnish, so in order to represent, fluent Finnish is usually required.

Current student representatives

Governmental bodies of Metropolia

The Executive Board of Metropolia UAS

The Executive Board of Metropolia UAS is the supreme body making operational decisions for the University of Applied Sciences. It decides the UAS’s strategy, action plans and budget and elects and dismisses the principal. The board consists of representatives of the college’s owners, staff and students.

5/2022 – 5/2023

Tekla Kosonen

Board of Directors

The Leadership Forum consists of members of Metropolia’s management, heads of school, and student and staff representatives. The Forum will discuss and decide on the principles governing the everyday teaching and activities of Metropolia and the organization of education.


Pauliina Tuominen, Eero Hemminki, Maini Tran, Aatu Pulkkinen

Legal Protection Committee

The Legal Protection Committee handles students’ legal protection and disciplinary matters on a case-by-case basis and makes a closing motion to the principal. The term of office of the Legal Protection Committee is two calendar years.


Member: Chili Laurila

Vice members: Pauliina Tuominen and Eero Hemminki

Specialist member: Mari Purhonen

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners considers the adjustment requirements related to the evaluation of credit and the identification and recognition of previously acquired competencies. The term of office of the Board of Examiners is two calendar years.


Member: Teemu Kokkonen

Vice member: Juuli Ärttö

Specialist member: Mari Purhonen

Advisory Councils of study programmes

Each degree in Metropolia has an advisory board. They maintain the connection between work life and the university and act as an expert in teaching in this field. The advisory board covers issues such as curriculum reforms. Only students of the given field may apply to their respective advisory boards.

Most councils operate in Finnish and they do not have an official English name. This is why they are shown here in Finnish.

3D-animoinnin ja visualisoinnin neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Ajoneuvotekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Marco Toivanen

Apuvälinetekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Maija Noronen

Bio- ja kemiantekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Reija Rautiainen

Bioanalytiikan neuvottelukunta

2023: –

CRASH-tutkintojen neuvottelukunta

2023: Hanne Aura

Digitaalisen muotoilun neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Elokuvan ja television neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Energia- ja ympäristötekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Chili Laurila

Ensihoidon neuvottelukunta

2023: Nea Sorjonen

Esitys- ja teatteritekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Sami Weber

Fysioterapian neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Jalkaterapian neuvottelukunta:

2023: –

Konetekniikan neuvottelukunta:

2023: Joona Sarvi

Konservoinnin neuvottelukunta

2023: Laura Hamunen

Kulttuurituotannon neuvottelukunta

2023: Tessa Manula

Kuntoutuksen YAMK-tutkinnon neuvottelukunta

2023: Minna Salmipuro

Kätilötyön neuvottelukunta

2023: Elina Maculuba

Laboratorioanalytiikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Maria Ristolainen

Liiketalouden neuvottelukunta

2023: Miitta Vahvelainen

Maanmittaustekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Niina Romo and Satu Elomaa

Muotoilun neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Musiikin neuvottelukunta

2023: Mikko Antikainen and Severi Seppänen

Optometrian neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Osteopatian neuvottelukunta

2023: Anne Vuotinen and Kimmo Huima

Radiografian ja sädehoidon neuvottelukunta

2023: Hilda Lindroos

Rakennusalan työnjohdon neuvottelukunta

2023: Aake Perälä & Nea Haimakainen

Rakennusarkkitehtuurin neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Rakennustekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Jukka Gröhn

Sairaanhoitotyön neuvottelukunta

2023: Otto Rajamäki and Eunice Siame-Moono

Sosiaalialan neuvottelukunta

2023: Anni Lipsanen

Suun terveydenhuollon neuvottelukunta

2023: Iida Nojonen

Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Santeri Hietanen and Mika Laaksonen

Talotekniikan neuvottelukunta

2023: Harri Kokko & Antti Elolähde

Terveyden osaamisalueen YAMK-tutkintojen neuvottelukunta

2023: Taru Juntunen

Terveydenhoitotyön neuvottelukunta

2023: Merja Saranpää

Tieto- ja viestintätekniikan ja tuotantotalouden neuvottelukunta

2023: Tytti Vilén

Toimintaterapian ja vanhustyön neuvottelukunta

2023: Saikal Osmonalieva and Hanna Hokkanen

Vaatetusalan neuvottelukunta

2023: Elisabet Waris

Vanhustyön YAMK-tutkinnon neuvottelukunta

2023: –

Visuaalisen viestinnän muotoilun neuvottelukunta

2023: Tia Tast

XR Designin neuvottelukunta

2023: May Nevanlinna

Other student representatives

Campus groups


Lauri Kanerva, Henri Van De Coevering


Pauliina Tuominen, Eero Hemminki


Teemu Stolt, Anni Haavisto


Juuli Ärttö, Catherine Gallego


HOAS is the student apartment provider at the metropolitan area. It is managed by students.

Board of directors:

2023: Janne Hälinen & Matilda Stirkkinen

Students' Social Activities at Metropolia courses

Students’ Social Activities at Metropolia -study courses form the so-called a small minor subject. The purpose of the courses is to support students who act as student representatives or in student associations and the student union. One will register to courses annually at OMA.

The courses last one calendar year and include some small written assignments as well as participation in training provided by the student union. The study module is built according to the Learning Track, in which the student progresses from the basics of association activities to more demanding tasks.

You can select parts from the set:

  • Students’ Social Activities at Metropolia 1 (XX00CR15-3001)
    • After completing the course, the student knows the basics of Student Union and Student Association activities in the University of Applied Sciences environment.
  • Students’ Social Activities at Metropolia 2 (XX00CR16-3001)
    • The student is familiar with the Student Union and Student Association environment in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and is able to apply what they have learned independently in demanding tasks.
  • Students’ Social Activities at Metropolia 3 (XX00CR17-3001)
    • The student knows the activities of the student organization field and knows how the activities of organizations are developed at a strategic level.

More detailed contents and goals are in the study guide. Further information on the courses is provided primarily by the Student Union advocacy specialist.

Further information

Mari Purhonen
Specialist, Advocacy and Communications
050 382 1024

Updated 20.2.2023

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