Become a METKA Member

As a Metropolia student, METKA is always on your side. It is our job to advocate, help and support in all things concerning student rights.

Metropolia UAS is the biggest university of applied sciences in Finland, with around 17 000 students. To be able to be and advocate everywhere it is needed, METKA sells memberships to fund the daily work. By joining METKA, you will directly support the important work that the student parliament, board, student representatives and all other student advocates are doing for the whole community. Thank you for making our work possible.

Did you know that in Metropolia, you do not have to be a student union member to get a student card? METKA was the first student union in Finland to bring the student card available to all students, without the membership requirement.

Yes please, I want to be a METKA Member!

Before paying the membership fee, check that you meet these conditions:

  • you have a study right in the Metropolia UAS
  • you are a degree student (this includes exchange students) or completing the full first year of studies in the Open UAS
  • you have registered as an attending student.

You can choose between an academic year membership (sold only in the fall semester), or either fall or spring semester memberships separately.

New students can become members as soon as they have activated Metropolia user IDs, which is usually done during the first day of studies.

Read more about the membership benefits here.

How do I become a member?

Pay the membership fee to become a METKA Member. There are two ways to pay:

We recommend paying the membership fee on OMA! It is quick and easy, and the membership is valid immediately. At M-piste, we accept only card payments.

The link below takes you to OMA. Log in using your Metropolia user ID.

Become a METKA Member in OMA!

Prices 2023-2024

  • Academic year 2023-2024: 39 euros (valid 1.8.2023-30.9.2024)
  • Autumn 2023: 25 euros (valid 1.8.2023–31.1.2024)
  • Spring 2024: 25 euros (valid 1.1.–30.9.2024)

Completing the payment in OMA

  1. Go to Student’s Desktop in OMA and find the section “Membership of Student Union METKA”
  2. Click “Pay the membership”
  3. Select the membership period
  4. Check that your information are correct and click “Tallenna”
  5. Check that the payment amount is correct and click “”Siirry verkkomaksuun”
  6. Choose a suitable payment option for yourself and complete the payment
  7. Congratulations, you are now a METKA Member!

Your METKA Member Card activates on Tuudo app as soon as the information about your payment has reached our member register.

Find your METKA Member Card on Tuudo wallet, which includes also your digital student card.

Membership fees are not refunded if the terms of membership are still met. The student union charges a processing fee of five (5) euros for all membership fee refunds.

I was about to become a METKA Member, but my personal information in OMA are not correct! What to do?

Are your personal information up-to-date in Metropolia?

When joining us, your personal information is given to METKA from Metropolia student registry, according to their Privacy Policy. METKA cannot change any of your personal information, but that does not mean you cannot become a member right away.

It is good to have your personal information up-to-date in Metropolia registry. Update them by yourself either at OMA Settings or contact Metropolia Student Services,

Questions about METKA membership?

If you have any questions about METKA Membership, you can always email us at or chat with us too!

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