METKA’s Speksi

Speksi plays have a long tradition in Finnish student culture. Speksi are common in the university world, but METKA’s Speksi is Finland’s first for the multidisciplinary University of Applied Sciences. In the production of speksi, it is essential to have a great team spirit and teamwork, especially when team members contribute to the performance. Speksi is completely done by the students, it is a nice hobby to accompany your studies.

Speksi is an interactive improvisational theater that combines music and dance performances with audience involvement. In speksi, the audience can shout “Omstart!”, At which point the pre-shout scene is re-played. Omstarts can also be accompanied by refinements, such as “Omstart, Stone Age!”, In which case those on stage react by acting on the scene according to the refinement. Thanks to the omstarts, each show is unique, and the script transforms in every scene.

METKA’s Speksi team from 2019, after the Propaganda show.

How to get involved?

To have a successful Speksi show, we need dozens of people with varying skills. People are recruited for various work groups throughout the year, but the busiest recruiments are in the autumn. Producers will be selected shortly after the end of the previous season, with the director, screenwriter and marketing manager being the first. You can follow the current recruitment situation on METKA’s Speksi Facebook page and on Instagram.

All Metropolia students are welcome, regardless of their field of study or experience, and through Speksi, many have become acquainted with theatre production for the first time. It is also certain that through Speksi you will also make new friends from outside your field of study!


Speksi screening season is in the spring, usually around Easter. Showtimes and venues will be announced during the fall, and ticket sales will open well in advance of the show season. Come alone, in pairs or in a group to enjoy the fruits of a year-long project!

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can easily contact the producer by email at

Speksi Facebook page
Speksi Instagram account

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