Contact Information

You can reach the entire METKA Office always at
The Board, chairpersons of The Council of Representatives and METKA’s employees work at the METKA office on Myllypuro Campus.

Office addresses

Street address
NB! For all membership issues, we will serve you at M-piste Member Services.

Myllypurontie 1
00920 Helsinki

Mailing address
The Student Union METKA
PL 4000
00079 Metropolia

METKA Board 2023

You can contact all board members by sending an email to the address

Pauliina Tuominen

Chairperson of the Board
050 355 5300

Eero Hemminki

Vice Chairperson of the Board,
Advocacy & Business Cooperation
050 355 5301

Catherine Gallego

Communications, Community, MMKK project
050 355 5441 

Anni Haavisto

Events, Harassment Contact Person
050 387 4210

Lauri Kanerva

Tutoring & Harassment Contact Person
050 3555 516

Teemu Stolt

Sports, Sports Tutoring & Metropolia On The Move project
050 382 7653

Henri Van De Coevering

International Affairs, Business Cooperation, Member Services, Clubs
044 7454 662

Juuli Ärttö

Advocacy, Events
050 3555 252

Representative Council 2023

Aatu Pulkkinen

Chairperson of the Representative Council

Tia Tast

Vice Chairperson of the Representative Council




Specialists work on their own area of expertise. They support the board in their work and bring stability and continuity to the student union’s operations.

You can contact all the employees with the address

Pekka Petäkoski

Executive Director
050 355 5199

Hanna Lankia

Project Manager, Metropolia On The Move
044 737 4274

Minerva Karppanen

Sports Communication Trainee, Metropolia On The Move

Sonja Leppänen

Specialist, Community
050 3555 752

Emmi Nisumaa

Specialist, Tutoring & Guidance
050 374 3269

Mari Purhonen

Specialist, Advocacy & Communications
Student Counsel
050 382 1024

Julia Rantanen

Member Service Specialist
050 350 1603

Mira Rouvinen

Specialist, Community & Working Life
044 966 0960 


Zone Sports Services

Linda Spring

Zone Sports Services


Mirva Mäkelä

Zone Sports Services

Viestikissa - Message Cat Feedback Form

The Message Cat is a feedback form in all students’ matters and problems concerning studies and student life. You can also use the form to send feedback about any matter you think is relevant for METKA.

METKA especially hopes to gain course feedback. Students have the right to give feedback about every course one has attended. The feedback period continues for four weeks from the end of the course. The feedback is always anonymous and the writer of feedback cannot be recognized.

Students must receive course feedback and grade within four weeks of completing the course, also within a sufficient period before the resit exam. The responsible teacher is responsible that the courses are added into the course register right after publicizing the grades. If your student rights do not come into action as they should, you can inform METKA with Message Cat for example about the courses that have not permitted you to give feedback or were not graded in time. METKA will forward the information for Metropolia where the feedback is used to improve operations.

Message Cat Feedback Form

Message Cat Feedback Form logo

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