Clubs are from the students to the students! Clubs create communities and activities to Metropolia students.

Clubs are arranged by students. METKA encourages you to start and join club activities! Clubs operate independently, but you can apply for a grant from us. Find the contact info below.

Current clubs

There club activities can be anything students are interested in! There has been for example, a running club, a wine club a culture club and board gaming club during the years. The current clubs are:


DEKANT takes on the honor as being the first striving club collective focusing on electronic music in Metropolia. The club’s fundamental idea is to develop a deep culture of electronic music in the UAS circles and thus creating a unique community within all fields and campuses. In practice, all of this will happen through the events we host and create, where everyone interested is welcome. Our club has about 20 members, and you can apply to join by sending us a DM on Instagram! We always practice principles of a safer space.

Our main information channel is on Instagram, where you can also come and ask us more questions by DM!


METKA Sekoboltsit

METKA Sekoboltsit is a ball club aimed at players of all skill brackets, our general purpose is to help incorporate sports into your day-to-day lives. We play different ball sports every month.


  • E-mail:
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp: ask for a link by email

MMA – Metropolia Martial Arts

MMA club is open for all Metropolia students who are interested in martial arts. The purpose of the club is to bring together students who care about combat sports and provide them with an opportunity to practice and spend time together. The goal is also to connect with the students from other campuses. The club gets together every week to train. Some training sessions are guided by a coach, while some are more improvised and not guided.

Currently we arrange guided sessions for boxing, kickboxing, and grappling. The selection of the sports might be expanded later if we find potential coaches among the members of the club. All members are welcome to join the training sessions since the sessions are beginner friendly! It’s recommended to have your own boxing gloves if you want to practice regularly. However, the club has some gloves to borrow, so in the beginning you don’t need to have your own gloves.

In addition to the training sessions the club occasionally gets together to watch fight events etc. You are welcome to join even if you don’t want to participate in the training sessions. The main communication platform is the club’s Whatsapp-group. The content, topic, and participants of the training sessions, as well as club’s other activity, are all decided in the Whasapp-group. You can join the club by sending an email to the address below.


  • Email:
  • Instagram


MOAR – Metropolian Opiskelijoiden Arcade- ja Rytmipelikerho is an Arcade and Rhythm game club for everyone who enjoys Arcade and Rhythm games. The club has classic and new arcade and rhythm games. The games in the club will be played both competitively and casually.

The goal of the club is to bring together people who enjoy video games and to make arcade and rhythm games accessible to Metropolia students. The club is free and offers a new way to be active.





Queerpolia is a club aimed at Metropolia LGBTQIA+ students with the intention of creating community and fun activities in safe company. Our club members meet face-to-face (for example) on all Metropolia campuses and on Queerpolia’s own Discord server. We will keep you informed/posted about meetings and events on our Instagram and Discord. Joining the club or its activities does not oblige you to anything. Anyone interested in the activities is welcome to join and check us out. Queerpolia follows the principles of safer space.




Tabletop club is for all roleplay- and boardgame spirited people! We offer variety of activities around the club’s themes at least once a month. The club operates mainly in English, but we support Finnish as well. Our activities are mostly located in Myllypuro and Myyrmäki, but we rotate different events on different campuses around Metropolia, like Arabia, for example.

Yearly club membership fee is 4 euros and offers a variety of perks worth around 200 euros. For members of METKA our membership is free.

The club council is active and ready to welcome you with open arms, so those interested, a little bit curious or anything inbetween are warmly welcomed to check out our social platforms that you can find under contacts!


Do you want to start your own club?

If you did not find a club for you, you can always start your own!

For starting a club you need:

  • At least three students of Metropolia UAS, one of which acts as a responsible person for the club.
  • You must held a meeting for the creation of a club. The meeting must be notified to the Student Union.

The Student Union may grant financial support to clubs whose activities are open to all students of Metropolia UAS. Grants are granted from the budget of the Student Union. Financial support is granted for the actual activities or related purposes of the Club.

METKA can also support the clubs by adversing their activities and booking spaces for the clubs use.

You can read more about creating a club from the club statute (PDF, in Finnish) or just ask us!

Contact us

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