METKA events

METKA organizes several events a year. Covid-19 cancelled events and many traditional events were organized online. However, society is returning back to normal and METKA can organize events as usual! Is some kind of event missing? Ideas can be sent to

Freshers’ Party

The biggest events are Freshers’ Parties for new students twice a year. In Freshers Party you move between checkpoints with your group. At each checkpoint you perform fun tasks. The purpose is to get to know your fellow students, group and have fun. There is always a different theme in Freshers’ Party.

Week of Wappu

Despite its name, METKA’s Week of Wappu in cooperation with student associations does not last for a week, but for 11 days. During Week of Wappu there are many events such as sittning or sitz (sitsit), checkpoint tours, yoga, live doughnut frying and everything in between.

METKA Gala – Annual Gala

METKA Gala is to celebrate METKA’a birthday. METKA Gala is an academic table party where you eat well, hear speeches, sing, reward deserving student activists, tutors and teachers, and most of all, have fun. Get to know METKA’s Annual Gala guide from this link. 


Held in the autumn, MetroSport brings together students and various wellness actors. At MetroSport, you can try different sports, among other things.

Meetings of the Representative Council

The Representative Council is elected in the Representative Council elections for a term of one year. The Representative Council decides on the most important policies of METKA, such as the amount of the membership fee. All METKA members are welcome to attend the meetings of the Representative Council.

Other events

Other events that have already become a tradition are Kontula-appro and the Christmas PoroParty at the end of the year. Get to know METKA’s appro guide from this link. There are also many academic table parties (sitz) organised each year. Student associations in particular organise several sitz a month. Get to know METKA’s sitz guide from this link.

On Independence Day, METKA has traditionally participated in the students’ torchlight procession.

In addition, METKA organizes election panels and voting events during the elections. SportAppro and blood donation events have also been seen.

Events for tutors

METKA organizes a variety of activities for tutors, such as picnics, beerbongs, Sissikeikka and tutor sitz.

Events for alumni

Once a year, METKA’s alumni are brought together for Alumniglogg.

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