What is METKA?

METKA is the Student Union of Metropolia students! Student Union is a statutory part of Metropolia and its tasks are defined in the University of Applied Sciences Act. METKA is also a community that takes care of student rights and influences for the students’ good.

In addition to student advocacy, METKA organizes events and tutoring, provides sports services in cooperation with Zone Sports Services, coordinates club activities and much, much more! METKA is involved in the everyday life of Metropolia students from the beginning of their studies until graduation.

METKA’s mascot is Metku the cat, which you will certainly meet during your studies!

Students working for students

METKA is a student-led organisation. An annually elected Representative Council sets the guidelines for action, which are implemented by the Board. In METKA, enthusiastic students who are interested in making a difference work for the benefit of all Metropolia students. In addition to the student trustees, METKA also has employed specialists.

METKA people, and the student representatives we train, are the student voice in Metropolia’s working groups. We also cooperate with the student associations of Metropolia.

Members make METKA

One of the main sources of income for METKA is membership fees. All Metropolia students can become members of METKA and by paying a membership fee you help METKA to promote and protect your own interests.

By becoming a member, you support METKA’s activities and you also get access to Zone’s comprehensive sports services and a wide range of other student benefits.

Read more about METKA Membership here!

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