Student Cards

Show your student status with an official student card!

METKA coordinates and produces student cards for Metropolia students with two student card providers, Tuudo and Pivo.

FAQ includes questions and answers about student cards as well.

Am I eligible for a student card?

You are eligible for a student card, if

  • you have a right to study in the Metropolia UAS
  • you are a degree student (including exchange students) and
  • you have registered your attendance for the semester.

If you are not sure if you are eligible for a student card, you can check it easily with Tuudo app.

Log in with your Metropolia user ID. Tuudo recognizes your study right automatically from Metropolia’s student registry, and opens you the student card accordingly.

New students get access to a student card when they have activated their Metropolia user ID, usually done during the first day of studies.

Please note that your digital student card will stop working as soon as you graduate!

The plastic student cards are valid according to the sticker given onto it.

Digital student cards: Tuudo and Pivo

METKA provides digital student cards in Tuudo and Pivo. Download one or both of them from your phone’s app store!

All major Finnish student benefit providers, such as VR (trains), Matkahuolto (long-distance buses) and Kela (student meals) accept both Tuudo and Pivo student cards.

HSL (local transit in the capital area) accepts both cards as well if you want to update the student status on your physical travel card.

Tuudo and Pivo, what’s the difference?

Tuudo makes student life easier especially on campus and in your studies. In Tuudo, you find for example your course schedules, cafeteria menus and useful Metropolia services.

Pivo is an app that was originally developed for online banking services, but today it also contains a student card and student benefits by To use Pivo, you will need Finnish bank credentials.

Why two digital student cards?

The main difference in using the student cards METKA provides is their access right. Tuudo does not require METKA Membership, whereas Pivo does.

Tuudo is connected to your Metropolia user ID and study right. Tuudo is free and available to use for all Metropolia students, without a METKA Membership.

This is exceptional in Finland. METKA was the first student union in 2019 to provide a student card that does not require a student union membership.

Pivo is connected to your online banking credentials, but the student card checks also if you are a METKA Member. Pivo requires a valid METKA Membership to use the student card.

With Pivo, METKA wants to offer extra student benefits only for our members as a thank you for supporting our work.

You don’t need to choose only one: feel free to use both to make your student life flexible!

How to get your student card

Below are instructions how to take all our student card options into use.


  1. Download and install Tuudo on your phone’s app store
  2. Sign in with your Metropolia credentials
  3. Choose “Student card” from the Card wallet on the app
  4. Pick or take a photo for your card
  5. Done! Enjoy your student life!


  1. Download and install Pivo on your phone’s app store
  2. Log in with your Finnish bank credentials
  3. Follow the instructions in the app.

If you cannot use digital student cards, you will need a study right document to get student benefits. You can get one from Metropolia Student Services.

This post is also available in Suomi.