Student advocacy is a core task in METKA, and all student unions. We are here to ensure that your student rights are respected in Metropolia during your studies. We advocate for students’ well-being, give support and guide students to the right services when they are seeking help.

We are in everyday contact with Metropolia staff, represent Metropolia students and deliver information about students’ needs and problems in completing studies.

How can we help you?

  • When the course starts, were you told how you are assessed?
  • Do you think the quality of the course is lacking?
  • Did you not get grades in time?
  • Do you have problems getting responses to your feedback?

Our advocacy team is here for you whenever you think that you have been mistreated or haven’t been informed in your studies. You can consult us about what you can do about that, and who you could contact to solve your problem. We are in regular contact with Metropolia staff, such as Heads of Department and Well-being Services.

Your student association does also advocacy work for your own field of studies, and you can contact them as well.
Student Counsel works for you

The Student Counsel is a specialist and employee in METKA, whose responsibilities include:

  • Collaborating with different departments in Metropolia
  • Working as a contact person for student representatives and introducing them to the responsibilities
  • Answering to students’ messages and guiding them in student rights and responsibilities
  • Guidance and support for students in situations where they are mistreated
  • Specialist in education policy

How to contact us

If you have any questions or need help in student rights matters, don’t hesitate to contact us! Sen us an e-mail at

Lilli Rissanen

Vice Chairperson of the Board,
Advocacy & Harassment Contact Person
050 355 5301

Anni Lipsanen

Advocacy, Community & Anti-Harassment Contact Person
050 350 1603

Maija Noronen

Member Services & Advocacy
050 3555 252

Mari Purhonen

Specialist, Advocacy and Communications
Student Counsel

050 382 1024


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