Endorsement membership

Endorsement membership is for you who want to support the activities of the Metropolia UAS Student Union. As an endorsement member, you are strengthening the community, well-being and culture of Metropolia’s nearly 17 000 students.

In order to be present wherever the student voice needs to be heard, we sell memberships to fund our activities. By becoming a member, you support the work that is done for Metropolia’s students. Membership and membership fees play a huge role in METKA’s activities. METKA’s most visible sectors are tutoring, advocacy, sports services and events. All of this we can do better with the income from endorsement memberships.

Any individual or organisation with legal capacity can become an endorsement member. Membership costs 120 euros for individuals and 360 euros for an organisation. Membership is valid for 13 months from the date of purchase. Buy an endorsement membership on Kide.app.

As a sustaining member, you get:

  • A monthly newsletter about Metropolia’s student activities
  • Information on current events and activities
  • If you wish, your name on the METKA website

Thank you for supporting our work!

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