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Welcome to move with Zone!

Zonen liikuntapalvelut järjestetään koronarajoitusten vuoksi tällä hetkellä verkossa. Lue ajantasaiset tiedot palvelujen järjestämisestä ja siitä, kuinka voit osallistua, Zonen nettisivuilta.

Zone Sport Services are currently organized only online, due to the current COVID-19 regulations. Read more about the online classes and how you can join them on Zone's website.

Zone Sports Services are available for the students and staff of Metropolia, Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Arcada, Humak and Diak UAS.

All Zone Sports Services are included in METKA Membership!

Zone offers:

  • around 40 hours of instructed classes every week
  • gyms at several campuses around Metropolitan Area
  • ball sports shifts and courses
  • sports facilities you can reserve for your own use
  • access to Yogobe video streaming service.

How to get access to Zone Sports Services

  1. Join your student union, METKA!
  2. Create an account for Zone. Choose “Log in” on the upper right-hand corner to start!
  3. Get your Sports Pass from M-piste Member Services.
  4. Bonus: get access to Yogobe by ordering your code via METKA Yogobe Form!

If you want to get your Zone Sports Pass without joining METKA, you can pay the Sports Pass at METKA M-piste. Check our locations and opening hours here.

Answers to most questions about who can use Zone can be found on the Zone Terms of Service.

Prices for 2020-2021

Zone Sports Pass included in METKA Membership

  • METKA Membership, Academic year 2020-2021: 52 €
  • METKA Membership, Fall 2020: 30 €
  • METKA Membership, Spring 2021: 30 €

Zone Sports Pass without METKA Membership (other Metropolia students and staff)

  • Academic year or calendar year: 69 €
  • One academic semester: 59 €

Sports Passes without membership are paid at METKA M-piste Member Services. We accept only card.

Gym Pass (all user groups)

  • Academic year or calendar year: 20 €
  • One academic semester: 15 €

Gym passes are paid at METKA M-piste Member Services. We accept only card.


If you have questions or feedback about Zone Sports Services, please send email directly to

If your questions concern METKA Membership and how to get the Sports Pass, you can email METKA at, or use chat.

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