That was a different kind of vappu, thanks to everyone who participated and those, who were part of making it all. We took the challenge and tried to make something that most of us had no experience of.

That’s why it is important to get feedback from the events, that we can improve in the future!

1.     Demoni ry – Etämeren wabu // – Remote Sea Cruise

2.    Myro & Albo ry – Poikkitieteellinen wabuvisa // – Interdisciplinary Wappu Quiz

3.    ESN & METKAn tutorvastaavat – Rypälejooga // Grapeyoga

4.    MysteRy – Mysteeripelit // – Mystery Games

5.    4Towers – 4T Wappugames

6.    KaMA – Musavisa ja yllätysohjelma // Musical Quiz and surprise event

7.    TXO ry – KoronAppro // – CoronAppro

8.    METKA – Munkinpaisto-live // – Doughnut Frying – live

Thanks beforehand for all who will answer the forms.Thank you. Let’s keep ourselves and others safe during these exceptional times.

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