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M-piste Member Services

At M-piste, we help you with following issues:

  • Membership payments and academic year stickers
  • Zone Sports Passes
  • METKA’s overall patches and other merch

See our current schedule and services here.


M-piste Arabia: 044 745 4662

We will answer phone within the opening hours the M-piste Arabia. Please note that during rush times we unfortunately might not always be able to answer the phone. You can also contact us directly; see our work phone numbers below.

METKA Office

Chat & email

You can chat to us using online chat on the bottom right corner! When we are offline the same window can be used to send us a message. We will reply you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us via e-mail:

Street address

NB! In all cases concerning membership or student card, we will serve you at M-piste Member Services.

Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta METKA
Hämeentie 161 (pihaluokka H008)
00560 Helsinki

Mailing address

Metropolian Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta METKA
PL 4040
00079 Metropolia

Board 2019

The board works at the METKA office at Hämeentie 161.

The e-mail addresses of the board members are formed as

You can contact all board members by sending email to the address hallitus[at]

Linda Lindgren
Chairperson of the Board
050 355 5300
Kiia Wilander
Vice Chairperson of the Board
Events and tutoring
050 355 5516
Essi Lumme
Member of the Board
Advocacy and Sports
050 382 1024
Susanna Ronkainen
Member of the Board
Membership services and communications
050 355 5252
Nimo Samatar
Member of the Board
Membership services and communications
050 382 7653
Anu Toljamo
Member of the Board
Harassment contact person
050 355 5283
Anni Tilli
Member of the Board
Events and tutoring
050 355 5441
Hanna Kivimäki
Chairperson of the Student Parliament
Linnea Leinonen
Vice Chairperson of the Student Parliament

Specialists on their own area of expertise. They support the board in their work and bring stability and continuity to the student union’s work.

The e-mail addresses of the employees are formed as

You can also contact all the employees with the address asiantuntijat[at]

Pekka Petäkoski
Executive Director
050 355 5199
Ilkka Helo
Specialist, Communications
045 656 8938
Rami Hollmerus
Specialist, Tutoring
Harassment contact person
050 374 3269
Paavo Nisula
Specialist, Member Services
050 350 1603
Aura Päiväläinen
Specialist, Event Management
050 355 5752
Sakari Tuomisto
Specialist, Advocacy
Student Counsel
045 267 0828


Viestikissa - Message Cat

The Message Cat serves as a feedback form in all student matters and problems concerning studies and student life. You can also send feedback about any matter you think is relevant for METKA with the form.

METKA especially hopes to gain course feedback. Students have the right to give feedback about every course one has attended. The feedback period continues for four weeks from the end of the course. The feedback is always anonymous and the writer of feedback cannot be recognized.

Students must receive course feedback and grade within four weeks of completing the course, also within a sufficient period before the resit exam. The responsible teacher is responsible that the courses are added into the course register right after publicizing the grades. If your student rights do not come into action as they should, you can inform METKA with Message Cat for example about the courses that have not permitted you to give feedback or were not graded in time. METKA will forward the information for Metropolia where the feedback is used to improve operations.

Message Cat Feedback Form

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