Data protection

EU now has a new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) valid in the EU and the European Economic Area. The regulation contains provisions and requirements pertaining the processing of personally identifiable information of individuals and that’s why METKA has renewed its policies on how we handle personal data for our members and customers.

In our daily work we try to minimize the usage od personal data and we only ask personal information for a valid reason. We remove the data we don’t need, after it has served its’ purpose, for example personal information required for events. Every time we collect data there is registration document where we state the reason for collecting the data and the date it is to be removed from our database. If you wish to contact someone about concerning the new data regulation and your information, please contact METKA’s board or staff at Unfortunately our registration document is only in Finnish, if you wish to know more, please contact us.

All the registration documents can be found here!

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