The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA considers it essential that studying at the University of Applied Sciences should not be prevented, delayed or unduly hindered by the corona epidemic or measures taken to curb it.

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences has stated that it´s purpose is to ensure sufficient progress in studies so that the study credit limits of the student support can be reached and degrees completed on time. In its statement, the ARENE network of polytechnic principals has set the same goal. METKA thanks Metropolia for its commitment and encourages it to look for new creative ways to provide education in this fast developing emergency.

The situation is not easy for the teaching staff or students, but the best way to deal with it is through cooperation. Discussion and communication creates solutions to problems and increases mutual understanding of the realities of the situation. Metropolia has 41 student representatives on the degree program advisory councils and 10 active student associations who know the needs of students and the nature of their studies. METKA proposes that they are included in the design of e-learning and other teaching methods required by the situation at the degree level. Their suggestions and views are certainly helpful. The aim must be quality education and not just coping with the situation.

METKA is particularly concerned about those fields of study that include contact teaching, laboratory exercises and internships are an essential part of their studies. All means must be in place to make studying possible, including on-the-job learning, AHOT-measures, and utilizing virtual reality.

A student must not be distressed if studies are hindered for reasons beyond students control. Such situations may include quarantine, obstruction of compulsory training, or failure to provide teaching for one reason or another. Delayed studies may lead to need for additional study time, loss of student loan credit and problems with, for example, transition to employment and students livelihood. METKA wants decision-makers, working life and others to understand students concerns.

The student union METKA also sees a silver border around a dark cloud. This is an opportunity for Metropolia and its students to truly learn how to make the most of distance and online learning. This is how we at METKA also think about our own activities. We have already started brainstorming how to celebrate May Day remotely and take care of our student communities via e-platforms and social media.

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