Care guarantee

The FSHS complies with current care guarantee legislation and the time limits it sets regarding response times and access to care. A response and an assessment of the need for treatment must be made during the day of contact, on weekdays during the FSHS’s opening hours.

Access to non-urgent general and mental health care should be provided within 14 days of the date of contact. The time limit does not apply to services such as health guidance, health examinations, or treatment events specified in a treatment or rehabilitation plan. Access to non-urgent oral health care should be provided within four months of the date of contact. The time limit does not apply to situations where an individual examination or treatment interval has been set for the patient.

Metropolia’s students belong to the FSHS South service region and in this region the care guarantee has been well implemented, according to reports.

Mental health treatment path

The FSHS has updated its student mental health services and the way they are accessed and as of last autumn, students will receive mental health support in accordance with their needs without needing to contact the FSHS several times. This renewal shortens the waiting time when the treatment is starting.

In the level-based treatment model, services will be provided as a continuous process: the more complex the student’s situation, the more intensive the care provided. A short, prompt treatment is sufficient for many students. This frees up FSHS professionals to help all students in need of help as efficiently as possible.

Students with mild to moderate symptoms will be given access to either a group or guided self-care, which includes advice and support from a psychiatric nurse. If necessary, students will be further referred to a general practitioner. A short course of therapy by a psychologist or a consultation with a psychiatrist will only be provided in more difficult cases. If the situation requires, the student will be booked an appointment with a psychiatrist, or else a general practitioner may refer the student for specialist medical care.

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