Do you want to donate? So do we.

So why not donate for a good cause together with us. METKA is organising a Donation Fest in the Myllypuro campus on May 13th from 3 pm to 6 pm. Come donate your hair, goods or money to charity and learn more about the associations.

First, Adel, Janne, and Aaro were supposed to just donate their hair. Then the situation escalated and now we are inviting all students and staff members to donate. You can for example donate just a few cm of hair (as little as 5 cm). In addition to making wigs with the donated hair, it will be used to fix the oil spills in Australia.

We will also give out an event overall patch to the people who donate (this will be done after the event). These patches are also going to be sold and the profit will be donated to charity.

What: METKA’s Donation Fest
When: Friday 13.5. 15-18
Where: Myllypuro Campus, Sodexo
Why: Lets donate for a good cause

In cooperation with:

METKA: Organizer
Cravings Catering: Selling food, profit goes to charity.
Dick Johnson: Barber who will cut the hair of the volunteers donating hair. Will also be selling their own products.
DJ Tito Helsinki: Plays music troughout the event. 
Organ donation card: Will be sharing materials and 3 volunteers who received organ donations will speak of its importance.
Heidi Rontu: Director of Lifelong Learning will be taking part in the event representing Metropolia.
HelsinkiMissio: Fundraisers through which you can join HelsinkiMissio as a monthly donor.
Hiukka Hyvä: Hair and hair fibers are made into natural fiber mats that act as oil absorbers for the environment as well as for soil improvement.
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences: Marketing help for METKA, also offers financial support and facilities for the event.
Metropolia Myllypuro library: Organizes book donations (give a book, take a book).
MYClips Hair: Donated hair takes on new life and allows the recipient to forget about hair loss in the midst of a serious illness.
Nyyti ry: Offers infographics for the event.
Study psychologists and Student wellbeing advisors: Have a stand representing student well-being services.
STTK and Työelämää Donates 2 euros of every Laki + Kirppu Uraputkessa -game played.
Riitta Konkola: President, CEO of Metropolia taking part representing Metropolia.
Europa Donna Finland ry (association for breast cancer): They will have an info stand.
Tehy: Financial support and will have an info stand.
UFF: Organizes cloth collection and offers infographics for the event.
Blood Service: Info stand.

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