The Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA, at the representative council meeting on August 30th, decided to nominate Atte Kolehmainen as the vice chairperson of Finnish Student Sports Federation OLL for the term of 2023.

OLL is a national advocacy and service organization for student and university exercise. OLL engages in advocacy work, offers support services and training, does research, and is active in both national and international fields in order to promote student sports.

Atte Kolehmainen is a METKA board member with responsibilities in sports, sports tutoring and the Metropolia on the Move project. In addition to METKA, he is a tutor for International Business and Logistics students. Previously he has been tutoring the exchange students. Outside of student work Kolehmainen has been an active member of his local judo club for nearly 20 years and is currently the head coach and vice chairperson for the club’s judo branch.

To further sports Kolehmainen has taken part in educational trainings and is a member of the Finnish Coaches Association and Suomen Judovalmentajakerho (Finnish Judo Coaches Club). He has gained experience in influencing as the vice chairperson of City of Kerava’s Youth Branch and as vice chairperson of Keski-Uusimaa Municipal Environmental Committee.

Atte Kolehmainen wants to increase the visibility of OLL in higher education schools and to be involved in promoting low-threshold sports opportunities for students.

Kolehmainen commented on his candidacy as follows:

“In the sports tutoring training I noticed that most of the people taking part didn’t know what OLL is. To be able to make a visible change, we’ll need to first increase awareness. For example, the future tutors are an amazing place to start working towards better awareness. After this we can start working properly on for example increasing the possibilities for low threshold sports. Physical activity is important especially to students who sit most of their days. This is true for both health, and coping. The best time to start making a change is now.”

Further information:
Atte Kolehmainen

Lari Koskinen, campaign manager
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