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“I decided to be a peer tutor because my own tutors were so amazing! When I started my studies I didn’t know anyone from my degree programme or my way around the city. But with their help everything went fine and felt so easy. I wanted to do my part and help the students next year.”’

The Fall 2021 tutor application period is open on 13.9.-13.10.2021. We are now looking for peer and exchange tutors for next Spring. We are also looking for new head tutors for 2022. The head tutor application period is 30.8.-12.9.2021. More information about these will be updated closer to the dates.

Anyone, who is studying in Metropolia and has been a fresher themselves can apply to be a tutor. The stage of your own studies is not relevant – as long as you will be present during the 2022 spring semester. All applicants will be invited to interview, and information about selections will be sent as soon as possible to all applicants. The dates for all of the trainings can be found below.

Additionally to METKA website, the easiest way to find out more about tutoring is through your own tutors and head tutors. These competent tutors can answer, among other things, to everything. We here at METKA are glad to provide answers as well. The best way to reach us is through our email, tutor@metkaweb.fi.

Apply to become a peer tutor

Apply to become an exchange tutor


NB! Due to the pandemic there might be some changes to the schedules. For now, prepare for the possibility that all trainings will be held online.

The trainings are formed from five occasions and are compulsory for everyone. The training consists of lectures, workshops, campus specific training, as well as group and performing exercises. The head tutors will arrange one of the trainings. The specific date for this will be announced later.

The language of the tutors in training will determine if the training is held either in Finnish or in English.

More detailed information is provided through email for the chosen applicants.

Peer tutor trainings

NB! The trainings of degrees taught in English are combined with exchange tutor trainings.

The dates for the trainings will be updated soon.

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