Tutor application + trainings

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“I decided to be a peer tutor because my own tutors were so amazing! When I started my studies I didn’t know anyone from my degree programme or my way around the city. But with their help everything went fine and felt so easy. I wanted to do my part and help the students next year.”’


Peer and exchange tutors are trained twice a year. In the autumn semester tutor trainings, peer tutors will be trained for all fields starting in the spring. In the spring semesters training, tutors are trained for the next autumn semesters freshers. You can ask from your own tutor if you are not sure if new freshers are starting in your own study field. The information is also updated here closer to the tutor application periods. Exchange tutors are needed equally much in spring semesters and autumns semesters applications. 

Information about the spring 2022 semesters tutor applications and their schedules will be published here in January 2022. The fastest way to get information about tutor applications is to follow METKA in social media.



Head tutoring lasts for a full calendar year and they are trained only once a year. Next head tutor application period is in the Autumn 2022 semester.


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