In the form of tutoring, we offer the support and know-how for every student starting their studies. Tutors help the new students in the beginning, participate in creating their team spirit and introduce them to the secrets of student life. The trained tutors are present in all campuses and their work benefits the whole student community.

The aim of tutoring is to make each student feel welcome and make the beginning of a new phase in one’s life as easy as possible.

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Peer tutoring

Peer tutors are present to welcome new students during the first days of their studies and will support their group throughout the first semester. A peer tutor helps new students to get a head start at their studies and student life. Peer tutors also help to create a group spirit among new students by organizing various social events.

New students can turn toward their peer tutors if they have questions about school or about student life. A tutor can advise them or help them find the right contact person at Metropolia.

Exchange tutoring

Exchange tutors are an important part of international activities in Metropolia. Tutors are supporting the arriving exchange students and help them to manage Finnish bureaucracy as well as getting comfortable in a new environment.

Exchange tutors are here to welcome the arriving students and guide them to their apartment, while introducing them to the local services. Showing around the students campus and its surroundings, as well as arranging a variety of recreational activities with other tutors, are part of the exchange tutors duties.

Becoming an exchange tutor is a wonderful step towards your own internationalization, such as your own exchange period, or working abroad in the future. As an exchange tutor you will get to enhance your language proficiency, meet new people from different backgrounds, and acquire knowledge on the similarities and differences between cultures. In exchange tutoring you will get to develop your performing, guiding, organizing and communication skills, while having a great time and perhaps creating lifelong friendships!

The main language of exchange tutoring is English, but you will have the opportunity to use your language skills broadly. There is no requirement level for English – just courageously apply!


Would you like to become a tutor?

As a tutor you can gain valuable experience and get to develop skills appreciated also in working life. Through tutoring you will get the opportunity to meet people across the world, and Metropolia, and find lifelong friends.

We are looking for new tutors to join our team every semester, depending on the starting period on your field of study. You can check the application semester for your study field from your tutors, head tutors or METKAs tutoring team. The application period for exchange tutors is open every semester. The ones chosen in the application period will be trained in METKA tutor training. The training is compulsory, and it is formed of lectures, workshops, campus specific day and group and performing exercises.

Check out the training schedules from Tutor Application page.

Got any questions?

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Tutors of your study field or METKA tutoring team.

Email addresses for Head Tutors are in form firstname.lastname(at)metropolia.fi.

Health Care and Social Services


Wellbeing -study fields: Social Services, Occupational Therapy, Elderly Care
  • Emmi Holmlund
  • Katariina Onkamo
  • Julia Keurulainen
Health -study fields: Emergency Care, Midwifery, Nursing, Public Health Nursing
  • Adel Rizvi
  • Niko Lehtokumpu
  • Katrine Rokkanen
  • Maaria Tuominen
Rehabilitation and analysis -study fields: Optometry, Radiography and Radiotherapy, Oral Hygiene, Prosthetics and Orthotics, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Osteopathy
  • Ella Vainikka
  • Nea Kosonen
  • Erika Anttila



  • Arsi Salo
  • Vili Ohma


  • Hermanni Huttunen
  • Lari Koskinen
  • Sam Luhtanen
  • Laura Kangas-Riikonen
  • Essi Aarnio


  • Laura Mikluha
  • Nico Järvinen
  • Elisa Urjansson
  • Erik Ruotsalainen



  • Milja Kajula
  • Joona Ström
  • Henna Salo
  • Lasse Rantaniitty



  • Noora Gilan
  • Liisa Tötterman
  • Arin Ali
  • Tony Räty
  • Minttu Hukkanen

Exchange and Degree Head Tutors


  • Adel Rizvi (Health)
  • Julia Keurulainen (Wellbeing)


  • Essi Aarnio (Technology)
  • Arin Ali (Business, Exchange Students)
  • Noora Gilan (Business, Degree Students)
  • Liisa Tötterman (Business, Degree Students)


  • Elisa Urjansson
  • Erik Ruotsalainen


  • Henna Salo

METKA Tutoring Team

Fanny Pohjankoski
Fanny Pohjankoski
METKA’s member of the board


Rami Hollmerus





Rami Hollmerus
METKA´s specialist of tutoring


If you want to reach our tutoring team as a whole, please contact

  • tutor(at)metkaweb.fi – for all tutoring
  • international(at)metkaweb.fi – for exchange tutoring


Interested in head tutoring?

The head tutor period lasts at least for one calendar year. METKA recruits new head tutors each Autumn and the ones chosen will be trained before New Years. You can apply to be a head tutor if you have been a tutor for at least one semester. The new head tutors will get the chance to participate in the work of the head tutors already during the Autumn semester. Head tutoring is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the skills and knowledge gained during tutoring and take them to the next level.


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