Sanni Lehtinen has been elected to replace the Executive Director of METKA.

Sanni Lehtinen has a wide range of experience in the student movement in leadership and advocacy roles. She has served as President of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), the Student Mental Health Association Nyyti and the Student Union of the University of Tampere. Lehtinen also has extensive expertise in mental health and well-being issues. She has worked as a project manager for Mielenterveyspooli and as an advocacy specialist for MIELI ry. Currently, Lehtinen is a member of the Board of the University of Helsinki. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Sciences.

“I am really excited to start working as METKA’s Executive Director. It’s interesting to jump into the student movement on this side of the dual model and broaden my understanding of the higher education sector. I can’t wait to see what we as the METKA team can do in the coming year!” Lehtinen enthuses.

Lehtinen will start as Executive Director on Monday 12 February 2024 for a period of approximately one year, ending in early 2025.

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