Peer tutoring

Peer tutors welcome new students during their first days of their studies and keep their eye on their group of students during their first semester. A peer tutor helps new students to get a head start at their studies and student life. Peer tutors also help to create a group spirit among new students by organizing various social events.

New students can turn toward their peer tutors if they have questions about school or about student life. A tutor can advise them or help them find the right contact person at Metropolia.

For more information about peer tutoring please contact:

METKA’s member of the board Kiia Wilander
tel. 050 355 5516
METKA’s specialist for events and tutoring Aura Päiväläinen
tel. 050 355 5752



Exchange tutoring

Are you interested in other cultures? Do you know Helsinki region as your own pockets? Are you planning to have an exchange period yourself? Now it’s your possibility to become an exchange tutor for all those exchange students who come to Finland from all over the world!

Exchange tutors take care of exchange students who come to study at Metropolia and help them manage the transition into a new culture. They pick up the new students from the airport or harbor, take them to their HOAS apartment and show them around their neighborhood and campus. In addition, exchange tutors will arrange a variety of recreational activities to make the exchange students’ time in Finland exciting and special.

Working with exchange students is a great preparation for your own exchange period abroad. As an exchange tutor you will also get a chance to practice your language skills, get better in intercultural understanding and communicating with others, develop your performing, guidance and organizing skills, and last but not least feel the warmth of helping others and make new friends!

All Metropolia students with a satisfactory level of English can become an exchange tutor. The language at exchange tutor trainings and other meetings is always English. You can also get credits for exchange tutoring!

For more information about exchange tutoring please contact:

METKA’s member of the board Anni Tilli
tel. 050 355 5441
METKA’s specialist for international affairs Paavo Nisula
tel. 050 350 1603                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 international(at)metkaweb.fi




Would you like to become a tutor?

As a tutor you can gain valuable group leading skills and you will get to know a lot of new people around the different Metropolia campuses. You can become a tutor by taking part in METKA’s tutor training, which is organized in English once a year in the spring term. The tutor training is mandatory for all new tutors and includes afternoon lectures, workshops, a campus-specific day (peer tutors) and various group exercises. You will also receive a tutor handbook, which helps you in your work as a tutor.

Check out the training schedules from Tutor Application page.

Do you have any questions? Please contact: tutor(at)metkaweb.fi

Head tutors

Health Care and Social Services

Rihuna Vuoristo
Emmi Spännäri
Miia Backman

Miina Laine
Katariina Erwe
Sanna Virmakoski
Riin Laanes


Jussi Virkkala

Vanha Viertotie

Niklas Sundberg


Veikko Jokelainen
Otto Halonen


Aija Tolvanen
Kasper Tahvanainen
Ida Korpisalo


Janne Nuolioja
Atte Torvikoski
Maria Lashkul

Hämeentie 135, 153, 161 / Arabiankatu 2 / Ruoholahdentori 6

Noora Kokko
Hanna Kivimäki


Santtu Liimatainen
Niko Sulonen
Jasmiina Mäkelä

Are you interested in head tutoring?

The head tutor period lasts at least for one year. METKA recruits new head tutors each Fall and, if needed, in Spring. Once the new head tutors have been chosen, METKA organizes a two-day training in the facilities of Metropolia, and the old head tutors familiarize them with the operations of their own campus for two-three months. Head tutoring is a great way to expand your skills in organizing, group management and communication.

Click here to read more about tutor applications and training!

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