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Helsinki, May 1, 2020

Our Student Union has a tradition of to giving a May Day greeting to the cities of Vantaa, Helsinki and Espoo. Our campuses are located in these major cities, which is why our collaboration is important for Metropolia students.

This year, we will bring our May Day greetings to the cities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area together:

Dear friends and virtual celebration crowd,

May Day 2020 didn’t really end in Metropolia. With the help of Metropolia students, we held an 8-day series of events called: METKA’s Week of Virtual Wappu. We wanted to stick with our tradition even in these virtual times.

We laughed together, sang together and learned from each other the most innovative solutions for organizing virtual events. For example, Metropolia’s students in the field of culture took us on a long-distance cruise 100% virtually. And Finland’s first UAS students interactive theater, called METKAn Speksi inspired us to dance to our favorite songs and write short stories at home. METKA’s tutors from both Myyrmäki and Myllypuro again organized yoga for us. The students of the Karamalmi campus in Espoo, on the other hand, showed us the golden memories of the music quizzes. As the representatives of the Student Union, we crowned the May Day by capping our METKU-mascot and baking donuts on the eve from 2 pm to 2 a.m.

Thus, we learn an important thing – it is invaluable to nurture and strengthen our student communities in these times and remember to take care of each other in the University of Applied Sciences of 16,000 students. Together and with strong cooperation, our Student Culture of polytechnic students also remains stronger.

We also learn that UAS students must not be left alone. Strengthening students ’mental health and preventing loneliness requires an effort from each of us, above all, closely together and looking to the future.

With this May Day greeting, we wish you an innovative and prosperous May Day on behalf of Metropolia students!

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Chairperson of the Board of METKA 2020
Essi Lumme

Vice Chairperson of the Board of METKA 2020
Nimo Samatar

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