The Student Union METKA conducted a survey about remote studies for Metropolia students, which was open from 21st to 30th April, 2020. The survey included questions about the well-being of students in the current exceptional circumstances. A total of 708 responses were received to the survey. In addition to the numerous multiple-choice answers, a total of 1,553 open-ended answers were given.

The survey participants represent Metropolia students well. Responses were received from 316 students in Technology, 198 students in the Health Care and Social Services, 125 students in Business and 67 students in Culture. There were also two responses which did not contain information on the study field. 53 responses were given in English. The responses to the survey were also categorized and examined by the study progress, campus, and student union membership.

The popularity of the survey made us very happy, and we warmly thank everyone who took the survey. Metropolia students have a say, and they wish to be heard in the coronavirus emergency.

METKA will examine the survey results diligently and deliver the message conveyed in the responses publicly in Metropolia.


Janne Levänen, Member of the Board of METKA

METKA has decided to prepare a report on the results, which will be published within the next few weeks. Due to the vast number of responses, sufficient time will be needed to examine the results.


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