METKA recognizes the students and staff members from your propose every year at Annual Gala. We share every time before Annual Gala a form, where everyone can go to give anonymoysly proposals who deserves recognition of commendable work.

METKA’s student parliament makes the choices for recognizes and badges.

Award winners of 2020 are:

  • Ilkka Helo, golden badge
  • Maria Jokinen, silver badge
  • Niko Tiranis, silver badge
  • Aku Aarva, silver badge
  • Matti Tujula, silver badge
  • Nea-Maria Törmänen, silver badge
  • Jenni Anjala, tutor of the year
  • Aija Tolvanen, head tutor of the year
  • Titta Komssi, teacher of the year
  • Tiina Kaaresvirta, staff member of the year
  • Poikkitieteellinen mölkky, event of the year
  • MYRO ry, student associoation of the year
  • Janne Nuolioja, student advocacy of the year
  • Noora Kokko, active student of the year
  • Ilmainen opiskelijakortti, effect of the year

Granted recognized and badges 2020

Ilkka Helo, golden badge

Ilkka Helo 2019Ilkka has worked as a communication specialist for METKA for a long time and this year a full 10 is up. Even though Ilkka has worked for METKA for a long time he always grabs every idea with great enthusiasm and gives everything to reach the goal. His work can be seen basically on every poster of METKA for many years. Also the stuffed animal version and the overall of METKU are done by Ilkka.

METKA wants to grant a golden badge for Ilkka Helo for the work he has done for METKA during these years.

I would have never believed what was ahead for me, when I started working for METKA in May 2010! METKA has been an amazing workplace, where I have been able to develop my skills, experiment boldly and get to know wonderful people.


METKA was just a few years old Student Union when I started working there – and I was remarkably younger myself. We have both grown and changed since then and it has been awesome to be a part of this journey.


I am very grateful for this award and, above all, for the experiences, the things I have learned and the people I have gotten to know

Maria Jokinen, silver badge

Maria Jokinen has done student’s advocacy on many levels on METKA and also continued her work in SAMOK and Akava. As an alumn she has always been ready to help and this years first meeting of METKA’s elective board she visited to give a motivational speech.

For Maria Jokinen METKA wants to grant a silver badge for her action towards student’s advocacy during many years on METKA.

Niko Tiranis, silver badge

Niko Tiranis has been in METKA’s board for a year making exceptional work with the business cooperation. He made many deals during his year and created a good base for someone to continue his work. After the year on METKA he still continues to help if needed and this was done while still working as a chairperson for 4Towers.

For this exceptional alumn work and own year as a board member working with business cooperation METKA wants to grant a silver badge for Niko Tiranis.

I worked in METKA’s board of 2018 with the member services & business cooperation. 2018 was exceptional because we made a member record that year. We was pulling away from Frank, so student unions needed to develop their member services. Overall in 2018 many great things happened. 


Unfortunately there was also not so nice things. There was problems with Metropolia’s and METKA’s cooperation which made some extra work for board and the specialists.


The thing that surprised the most was the amount of work, which was endless. If you wanted to make a change you needed to work from the morning till evening and even then couldn’t be sure that the hours were enough. There is lot of potential to create something great and every best things happen by cooperation, for example. Wappu and tutoring. Metropolia is full of chances.

Aku Aarva, silver badge

Aku Aarva 2013Aku Aarva has made a progress by his own actions to develop students place in Metropolia. He is also known more wide on student active field. Moving forward from METKA to new tasks Aku has still continued to help Metropolia’s students and METKA.

Aku Aarva has been a important person for METKA, making actions towards driving METKA’s place in Metropolia and for that METKA wants to grant a silver badge for him.

Matti Tujula, silver badge

Matti Tujula has worked as a advocacy specialist for METKA for 5 years. He has made a difference in advocacy and left his mark for people coming after him. Even though Matti doesn’t work for METKA anymore, he is still remembered and helps if needed.

METKA wants to grant Matti Tujula a silver badge for his action for METKA.

I humbly thank METKA, because I got to make important work with motivated and great people! I learned a lot of new and there was always a chance to try ideas and make different things. I got a lot of friends and great memories. Metku will always be my favorite mascot. 

Nea-Maria Törmänen, silver badge

Nea-Maria Törmänen has made a long journey as a METKA’s student active as a board member, member of spex, as a chairperson for elective board and also 2 years as a chairperson of Demoni ry. She has made a great work towards equality and accessibility.

For this METKA wants to grant a silver badge for Nea-Maria Törmänen.

Special thanks for METKA and everyone for this badge!


METKA years have been by far the best years of my study time. I have gotten a lot of skills, self knowledge and friends. Specially thankful I’m for that the reason for the badge was the work done by me towards equality and accessibility. They’re super important topics for me and I’m happy that I got to be a part of making progress on those subjects.


METKA-vuodet ovat olleet heittämällä opiskeluaikani parhaat vuodet ja olen saanut roppakaupalla osaamista, itsetuntemusta ja rakkaita ystäviä. Erityisen kiitollinen olen hopeisen ansiomerkin perusteissa mainitusta esteettömyyden ja yhdenvertaisuuden esiin nostamisesta, sillä ne ovat itselleni todella tärkeitä arvoja ja olen iloinen, että olen voinut olla osana yhdenvertaisuuden ja esteettömyyden edistämistä opiskelijakunnassa.

Jenni Anjala, tutor of the year

Jenni Anjala has worked as a tutor from 2018 spring’s tutor trainings with great enthusiasm and she has always been eager to help. With her actions she has greated positivity with the group she has worked with.

METKA wants to give a recognition for her work as a tutor of the year!

Working as a METKA tutor and head tutor has been a important and significant thing for me. Even though sometimes it has felt that everything falls a part there has been a great tutorteam to help and everything turns out fine every time. I have seen many moments of success, to greate friends and to have so much fun!

Aija Tolvanen, head tutor of the year

Aija Tolvanen has worked as a Myyrmäki head tutor in 2019. The year wasn’t easiest but she has gone through the difficulties with great attitude. She has left great mark on tutoring and great base to continue her work for the next head tutors.

For that METKA wants to give recognition for her as a head tutor of the year.

Titta Komssi, teacher of the year

Titta Komssi works as a lecturer for Metropolia UAS in the field of physiotherapy. She always has time for her student’s to give and some times also from her own time. With her great attitude she gets all the student’s to try their best!

Titta makes great work with student’s first and for that METKA wants to give recognition as a teacher of the year.

Warm and big thanks to student’s and METKA for this great and significant recognition. As a teacher I want to be there for my student’s, listen, support and work with the information given. I want to courage every student to find their own strenght’s and believe on their own skills and professionality.  

Tiina Kaaresvirta, staff member of the year

Tiina Kaaresvirta works as a school chaplain for Metropolia UAS and makes work for all the student’s no matter the field of studies. She takes everyone in count and with her warm and reliable figure she makes a trustworthy environment for any conversation.

METKA wants to grant Tiina Kaaresvirta a recognition as a staff member of the year for all the work done for Metropolia’s students.

I have worked with METKA since 2013. School chaplains and METKA has long history even before that


Highlights of my work is all the conversations and work with students. Meeting students and hearing from them is something special. Life is a great thing!


For me nobody should be left alone, and in that field student chaplains and METKA work hand by hand. Cooperation is developed all the time and we are looking in the future together. It’s super great to make cooperation with METKA and Metropolia’s students!

Poikkitieteellinen mölkky, event of the year

UIO ry’s annual poikkitieteellinen mölkky gathers student’s from different study fields to play the old school mölkky. This event has a great positive atmosphere every year.

METKA wants to grant a recognition for UIO ry for this event as a event of the year.

MYRO ry, student association of the year

MYRO ry is only a year old association. The move of construction field student’s to Myllypuro has been more soft because of the work done by MYRO. All the work done with other student associations and for the student’s has been seen by everyone.

For this great work METKA wants to give MYRO a recognition as a student association of the year.

Thanks for the recognition. In the first year we have made great start for the association and our events, advocacy and sports have made a huge progress. Move to new campus has made things interesting because all the old traditions had to be changed or dropped out. Thanks for all the other associations, especially for the ones on the same campus now. Thanks were given by MYRO ry’s vice chairperson Veikko Jokelainen of the year 2019.

Janne Nuolioja, student advocacy of the year

Janne Nuolioja has worked as a person responsible for advocacy in HTO ry for 2 years. Biggest job was the work towards the effects of Leppävaara campus. Janne took care that the students needs were taken in count.

For the good advocacy done with HTO ry, METKA wants to grant Janne Nuolioja a recognition as a student advocacy of the year.

Noora Kokko, active student of the year

Noora Kokko has been in many roles during her studies. She has worked many hours with student association, Kaljaasi – team, elective board and METKA’s spex. All these jobs done by Noora she has done with great attitude.

For this METKA wants to grant Noora Kokko a recognition as a active student of the year.


Thank you! This recognition warms a lot. It has been a pleasure working with skillful and helpful people.

Ilmainen opiskelijakortti, effect of the year

Free student card is a effect that Metropolia’s students get to enjoy now. METKA thinks that it should be a right for every student.

For the conversation and choice of making the student card free for all METKA wants to grant a recognition for 2018’s elective board. The recognition was given to 2018’s chairperson Nea-Maria Törmänen.

We in METKA are in the tip of a wave making changes. We were the first student union to give every student of Metropolia the free student card. It took courage and skill to see the future. This was said by 2020’s chairperson Essi Lumme in the speech in annual gala on Saturday 7.3.2020.

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