Not participating in the decision making can cause severe irritation. So become a candidate in the Representative Council Elections!

The METKA Representative Council wields the highest decision-making power in the student union. It consists of 25 representatives and 25 deputy representatives elected annually. The members of the student union are eligible to vote. The Representative Council makes decisions about economic and strategic plans as well as the operational plan, which is executed by the board of METKA. The METKA Board is elected for a one year term by the Representative Council. Their job is to execute the decisions of the Representative Council and report to the council about the work done regarding the operational plan, financial matters and strategic execution. METKA has also hired specialists to help the Representative Council and the board of METKA.

Become a candidate in METKA’s Representative Council Elections by 10th of October 2023. All Metropolia students who are members of METKA and have paid their membership fee by October 9th at 11:59 PM are eligible to run for candidacy. Candidates can also form electoral alliances. If the already established alliances don’t suit you, you can establish one yourself! At least two people are needed to establish one. Every year e.g. student associations form electoral alliances.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Decide to become a candidate in the election
  2. You can decide later whether one wishes to be an independent candidate or part of an electoral coalition. If one chooses to be part of an electoral coalition, contact a coalition election representative of one’s choice. If one wishes to be independent, fill out only the election candidacy form.
  3. Start a campaign and win the election!

More information about the elections from METKA’s election web page. 


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