Metkasti Metropoliassa kohti kukoistusta

The purpose of METKA’s MMKK project (2022-2023) is to develop student wellbeing, community and encounters in Metropolia and to enliven campuses after the silence of the corona years. In the project, we create e.g. new types of alcohol-free student events and hangout lounges for all campuses according to the students’ wishes, activate club and hobby activities, organize new types of tutor trainings and increase the opportunities for students to meet each other on campus in a relaxed manner.

Sonja and Nicklas from METKA are working on the MMKK project, so please contact us if you have an idea on how to develop community on your campus! The project has received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

MMKK project has enabled e.g.

  • Student lounge facilities for all campuses, where student-led programs are developed. The project has also redecorated the lounges and ordered board games and other entertainment for the common hang out.
  • Together with Metropolia on the Move project, a yoga studio open to all metropolians for self-directed practice and relaxation on Arabia campus.
  • VocaPolia choir activity in Metropolia. Now already more than 50 choir members! The VocaPolia choir is led by senior lecturer in music, Asta Levy.
  • METKA’s club activities renewed and activated: Organized training for club leaders in autumn 2022, increased communication and advertising about clubs, resourced clubs, e.g. with supplies orders and created a Moodle platform for club registrations.
  • Tukiopiskelija (support student) activity, where students of all campuses can have their own support student if they wish, who helps with the challenges of everyday studying. The activity is coordinated by MMKK project’s study psychologist Emmi Arponen.
  • A new type of study tutoring and trainings for study circle leaders, which offers peer support for the progress of studies.
  • Friend activities for international students in the form of Buddy Lunch (Kaverilounaat) – concept.
  • Organized new types of campus community events with various stakeholders, e.g. Myllypuro’s Christmas together with Hymy-kylä and KOTI network’s pre-Christmas get together aimed at international students.
  • Added discussion about a more communal student culture in various forums and working groups.


Contact information

Sonja Leppänen
Specialist, Community
050 3555 752

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