Metropolia UAS student union METKA is aware of the demonstration organised by students at the Arabia campus of Metropolia UAS on Monday 25.9.2023.

The demonstration is independently organised by students of Metropolia. METKA is not involved in the organisation of the demonstration. METKA has appointed a contact person from its board who will actively keep in touch with the organisers of the demonstration. METKA, as the student union in Metropolia will do its part to ensure the right of students to assemble and demonstrate legally and peacefully.

METKA opposes the Finnish government’s proposed adjustments to students’ income and welfare, as well as cuts in the funding of universities of applied sciences. Protesters have presented  demands for METKA, which are in line with METKA’s political vision.

METKA is a non-partisan organisation. Its purpose is to act as a link between its members and to promote their social, societal and intellectual aspirations and those of students and their role in society. The mission of the Students’ Union is to contribute to the preparation of students for active, informed and critical citizenship.

Student livelihoods and well-being have been slowly and steadily eroded in recent years. Long-standing adjustment measures for students have now driven students to protest nationwide. We hope that the situation that has developed last week will wake up decision-makers to the seriousness of the situation.

More information:

Chairperson of the Board
Pauliina Tuominen
050 355 5300

Chairperson of the Representative Council
Aatu Pulkkinen

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