Metropolia on the Move

Metropolia on the Move

Metropolia on the Move project is about

  • activating studying, teaching and the studying environment
  • encouraging to an active lifestyle and increasing community spirit
  • creating conditions for everyday activity and sweaty exercise

The target group of the project is the students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, who are closely involved in the various phases of the project. The aim is to improve students’ well-being and their ability to study and work.

The project is implemented by the student union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences METKA.


According to the latest research, higher education students sit 11 hours a day on average. 41% sit for 12 hours or more on weekdays. For UAS students, plenty of sitting is more common than among university students.

About a third of higher education students do physical exercise in accordance with the recommendations. However, even heavy sweat exercise is not enough to compensate for the disadvantages caused by daily sitting and being still. On the other hand, even short breaks while studying increase blood circulation in the brain and large muscle groups, which improves, for example, general alertness, learning ability and memory.

The recommendations for the sports services provided by higher education institutions suggest that more attention should be paid in higher education institutions to reducing daily sitting and physical activity in the study environment.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted funding for the project under the higher education on the move program. The funding is conditionally granted for three years, ie an extension is applied for from the Ministry every year.


The Ministry of Education and Culture has granted funding for the project for three years. The project started in the autumn 2021 and will run until 2024.

What has been achieved?

  • Sports equipment loaning services in the campus libraries (Arabia, Myyrmäki, and Karamalmi)
  • Yoga studio ‘Lootus’ on the Arabia campus (next to the AR430 lobby)
  • Table games on all the campuses (e.g. pool, table football, subsoccer)
  • Low-threshold activation equipment on campuses (e.g. walking work station, under desk bikes, body care equipment)
  • Sports events (e.g. SportAppro)
  • EveryMoveCounts campaign
  • Podcast series about more active teaching (only in Finnish)
  • Gamification for more active teaching -education for teachers
  • Initiating METKA’s sports tutoring
  • On the Move team (read more below)

On the Move team

The On the Move team organizes different activities that enhance physical activity. The ideas come from students and the activities can be e.g. sports trials or different sports events. Everyone is welcome to join the On the Move team – you don’t have to be athletic to join, but rather enthusiasm to try different activities is more than enough.

The organized activities are free for students, because Student Union METKA’s Metropolia on the Move project funds them. However, funding for different activities are always considered case-by-case. The activities should enhance physical activity, have reasonable cost per person and be open for as many students as possible.

The On the Move team is being organized on its own Slack workspace. On top of that, the On the Move team meets approximately once a month. The meetings are not obligatory. However, they are a great opportunity to meet other students and exchange ideas.

Send email to, and you’ll get an invite link to On the Move team’s Slack Workspace and further information on organizing different activities.


Project partners

  • The Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Finnish Student Sport Federation
  • “Liikkuva opiskelu” Program
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Zone Sport Services

Contact information

Hanna Lankia
Project Manager
044 737 4274

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