My Active Campus

METKA, together with Metropolia, has received a grant of 45 000 euros from the URLUS Foundation for a three-year project aimed at creating a culture of physical activity on the Myllypuro campus from the very beginning. The project will pilot low-threshold break places, easy and fun sports and outdoor routes.

The aim of the project is to increase activity in new ways, from the students ’point of view, so that it doesn’t feel like exercise. At the same time, good practices can be built for future workplaces.

What has been achieved?

So far, the Myllypuro campus has received:

  • Horroskapseli (Hibernation Capsule), an escape room played on campus. As a reward for completing the game, you will receive an overalls patch or a Metka Cafe coffee or tea ticket.  This game is only in Finnish.

Link to the game

  • Where did Kuisma go? Story-based max. 15-minute orienteering game for on-campus navigation. This game is only in Finnish.

Link to the game

  • A refreshing oasis and a place to relax, the self-access MyActive Campus wellbeing room A4007, with tools, instructions and a selection of soundscapes for all students. Click here to find out how to use the space.
  • Promotion of stair usage and motivational labels for stairwells.
  • Course 100 aktiivista hyvinvoinnin päivää – an optional guided 5 credit online course especially for new students.
  • Take active breaks! Pre-prepared routes for taking a short break and refreshing outdoors. There are two routes to choose from: Quick walk (1.6 km) and Stroll in the parks (1.9 km). The paper form map is available from the lobby services and digital form can be found from this link.
  • Wall bars for stretching and gymnastics in lobbies A2024, A5503 and B2002.

Project implementation

The project is conceived and implemented by a working group with Tuire Ranta-Meyer, the initiator of the project, as Metropolia’s representative, and Executive Director Pekka Petäkoski as METKA’s representatives.

The project has given and will continue to give assignments to Metropolia’s innovation projects.

The project is involved in the implementation and conception of:

Contact persons

Tuire Ranta-Meyer
050 526 2002
Director of Cooperation and Networks

Pekka Petäkoski
Executive Director of METKA

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